3Moon - Couture For Nursing Moms

As sisters, we’ve always shared the important things and times of our lives together. When we were both new moms trying to discretely nurse our babies we said, you know, the world could really use a rockin’ nursing cover. We tried out the covers that were available, but we were just not satisfied. We wanted sophisticated, but also carefree and cool.

Thus, an idea was born!

3MOON nursing cover

We played with lots of designs and consulted with our talented aunt who, lucky for us, has worked along side prominent fashion designers throughout her career – and 3MOON was born!

We feel especially privileged now to share our creation, the 3MOON nursing cover with you. We offer an exceptionally beautiful , practical nursing cover to help you enjoy nursing your baby anywhere you like.

3MOON is very proud to be working with Morristown Memorial Hospital. We have donated a collection of our nursing covers to their birthing center to aid new moms in learning about breastfeeding their new babies.

American Breast Cancer Foundation

We are also working out the details to donate a portion of each sale to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.